& Forever to go


I can’t believe I’m writing this. It’s not that I can’t believe we made it a year, it’s that the year has gone so fast.

4 seasons, 8,760 hours, 2 moves, 1 new town. And…. we made it.

Some days I feel as though we have literally never been more in sync. We don’t even have to finish each other’s sentences; sometimes I can tell exactly what you’re thinking simply with a look. Those are the days you makes me laugh until I snort, when I can feel myself missing you even though you’re just at work, or just in the next room. These are the days that I look at you and think, ‘I don’t deserve him’.

Then on other days I feel as though I didn’t really know every side of the man I married. You can make a comment that will completely catch me off guard, you will do something out of left field, you will choose the complete opposite that I would have ever guessed. I yell until I cry and I actually feel heart break. These are the still days that I look at you and think, ‘I don’t deserve him’.

My sweet husband, you put up with my crazy more than anyone else ever should/would/could. You have shown me an unthinkable amount of grace and love and kindness, especially in the last few months. You allow me to have adult-sized temper tantrums and still share the bed with me each night. I go from laughing to crying to being angry all within 6 seconds and you still hold me tight. You remind me that you are on my team, that I am not alone, and that it will all be okay.

But I love you for more than just the ways you love me. 

I love you because of the man that you are, in all aspects, and the woman that you make me want to become. I will continue to strive, for the rest of my life, to be the type of woman that would deserve a man like you.

‘The first year is the hardest’ is a saying we’ve heard a lot over the past 365 days and yet I wouldn’t have wanted to experience it all with anyone else.


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