Mid-Year Resolution

I might be slightly late because the year is more than half over, but I’m making my own rules. I’ve decided I’m going to make a mid-year resolution this year, to add to the others that I’m behind on.

Throughout this journey I have repeatedly let myself get in my own head. As I stated in my previous post I find myself thinking of me a lot lately and I don’t like who I am right now; in my head those things are not just maybe-sort-of related. No, there’s a direct correlation.

A correlation I am going to change. 

I have decided to stop thinking of myself and start thinking of others… not the way people say they ‘want to change,’ but then don’t do anything about it. I actually want to. I want to love, honor, respect and encourage others. I want to make people feel heard and let them know they matter. Because they do.

Because you do. You matter. 

What does this look like? For me, it’s a few things.

  • When I see friends celebrate a big accomplishment on any social media, I don’t want to be afraid to comment. I want to celebrate and be joyful with them (even if it’s just on social media)
  • I will pray for you.’ When I say these words I want to actually pray for them. I usually make a blanket statement but truthfully I want to come before the Throne in prayer, asking on behalf of __(use their name)__ for this specific, detailed, reason. I want to mean it, and follow up to see if there are any changes or answered prayers.
  • Volunteer– I want to research this a little more, but I think I want to start giving my time to an organization that I stand behind, one I can get excited about.

Why do I want to do this?

I want to be a better wife/daughter/sister/friend/neighbor; everything. I want to focus on how I treat others in my world and less on how the world is treating me. Also, I’m selfish, and the more I see myself spending time with the Lord, trying to encourage others…I.Feel.Good. It’s a refreshing feeling.

Why am I telling you?

I am saying this more for accountability. I want to be true to my word and if I am going to be open about everything, I want to tell you where I want to see myself grow. I want to challenge myself without becoming stagnant or even worse, digressing. I want you to help me help myself.

Lastly, I want to stay true to this blog. I promised complete openness and honesty. And my hope, my true prayer, is if even just one person feels not alone in their thoughts/emotions/situations because of something I have said written…. I have done my job.

That is why I write…..that is what makes it all worth while for me.


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