((To Be)) Follow up

Greg is in a wedding soon and while I can not wait to see these friends get married, I’m also just a little bit over the moon with the fact the wedding is in Nashville! We have never been before, so we’re taking off a day early to hit the town before his groomsman duties begin!

After a little bit of Pinterest/blogging research, I’ve filled up a schedule for us, but I’m still scared we’ll miss something! So if you have been/are there and want to add your favorite places onto our list, I would be incredibly grateful!

I will be sure to post about our experience after we get back!


Do you remember my Starbucks post from a few weeks back? I am happy to announce I have expanded my horizon and tried a few new drinks. My findings:

  • Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino– sadly this was a disappointment. While I love dark chocolate, mint, and coffee…. this just wasn’t the correct mix. I love sweet and even for me this was too sweet. It had the fake mint flavor and not enough coffee. True story, I actually went home and made myself another cup of coffee. While I am not upset that I did try it, I am not going to purchase it again before it leaves for the summer.
  • Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiato– my mom tried this while I was in Florida and I had a sip, it was delightful, I will for sure be ordering it again.

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