ÔĽŅCooking: Reese’s

Sometimes when I am in desperate need of a Reese’s Cup and I don’t have any at home, I make my own. Scoop some peanut butter right of out the container, eat a bit, tilt my head back and drop in chocolate chips. I am so disgusting, I know. It isn’t my fault though, I grew up seeing my dad eat peanut butter by the spoonful. So I guess you could say this is in my blood, right? Yeah, let’s go with that.

In the pursuit of ‘healthier eating,’ however, I have found a new recipe to fulfill my cravings while also not slowly killing me.  And now, may I introduce you to the healthier version of the delicious Hershey snack.


Simply made of dark chocolate chips (I also made a batch with milk chocolate chips for a cheaper route. Verdict? Just as tasty/a little less healthy), natural peanut butter, and coconut milk. That’s right, only 3 ingredients and with a baking time less than 20 minutes (mostly in the freezer) it really doesn’t get much better than this!

As always, you can find this recipe in its entirety on my Pinterest page.

To all my peanut butter loving readers, enjoy! ūüėČ

Cooking: Redemption

After my last breakfast mistake (which you can read about¬†here)¬†I HAD to redeem myself. I kept shying away and trying new dinner recipes but that simply wasn’t enough. I needed to conquer breakfast.

So I dusted off my ego and attempted a healthier version of banana bread. And…while I won’t say I perfected it, I have to admit it might have been the best banana bread I’ve ever eaten. ¬†Never mind the fact that I paired it with the smallest (and cutest) green grape I’ve ever seen. Seriously, this¬†could be should be in a baking magazine, am I right?!



Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. You can find the¬†recipe here. While you’re at it check out my new Pinterest¬†page! I’ve realized I pin WAY too many sweets for just a ‘food’ board so I started a new one:¬†Sweet Sweets. I’m also DYING to update my look so I’ve gone pin crazy on my style board.

If you try it and love it, let me know! If you try it and hate it, don’t throw it out, I’ll take it. ūüėČ

Cooking: Breakfast Mistake

I don’t love breakfast, and I never really have. If I’m being honest, anything other than coffee hurts my stomach, so if I ever skip a meal, it’s breakfast. And yes, I’m ignoring all of you judging me. It’s bad to skip breakfast…the most important meal of the day…blah blah blah.


BUT, last week I thought I would do something fun and different for Greg and me, and I chose to make banana pancakes. Not ‘normal’ banana pancakes, either; I made gluten-free, low-calorie, flourless, nothing-delicious¬†banana pancakes.

I made pancakes out of eggs, bananas and cinnamon……. I’m not sure why I thought it would be a good idea but really I didn’t have any other of the ingredients to make the real thing so I improvised.


I gagged my way through 2 bites and couldn’t handle anymore.¬†My sweet, sweet, husband ate 3 of the super flat, horribly-textured things (not sure I can call them pancakes)¬†on our plate. We threw the rest of the batter away.

I tried.

I failed.

Onto the next idea, I guess.

Snack Attack

Have you ever stood in front of your pantry, eating a snack while trying to figure out what you’re going to make for dinner? Have you ever snacked because you were stressed or sad or happy or excited or nervous? Have you ever found yourself snacking late at night, just because you didn’t want to go to bed?

I have.

Hi, my name is Kelsie and I am a snack addict; but I’d rather not change.

If you had asked me a year ago if I was a snacker I would have said no. I honestly didn’t think that I snacked. At least not often. Greg has helped me see the truth: I am the living definition of a snacker. I can eat as many healthy meals as I want but I will gain weight because of my snacking. Instead of trying to do the impossible and stop snacking, I’ve decided to snack healthier. This is what I’ve found thus far:


  • Boom Chicka Pop vs Skinny pop; I haven’t picked a side in this argument. To be frank I usually go with the Skinny Pop but they didn’t have white cheddar, and Boom did, so I went with Boom. Either way you can’t go wrong.
  • I’ve always liked snacking on cashews and almonds but then I found yogurt-covered and now my world has changed. I have to stop myself from eating the whole bag.
  • Banana chips. Bananas are one of my favorite foods but I can only eat a half at a time. So I buy them and they go bad, every single time. Banana chips are the perfect mix for me. Longer shelf-life and I still get the banana flavor I crave.

On a side note, my mother-in-law, for Christmas, made us chocolate chip cookies, but instead of vanilla flavoring she put banana flavoring (because that’s a thing) and it might ¬†be my new favorite thing.

¬†Tell me I’m not alone and you love to snack, too! We’re all in this together, right?


Cooking: Chapter 2

After hours and hours of perusing all things Pinterest, I have decided to broaden my food recipe library. While still trying to be mindful of health I have decided to stop searching for only ‘healthy’ meals and looking for regular dinner meals (and then doctoring them up to be healthier.)

Mind. Blown.

While I wouldn’t describe myself as an Italian food lover, my heart does beat a little quicker for a good chicken parmesan. I added it to my ‘FOOOD’ Pinterest board (found¬†HERE).

The recipe itself is considered ‘healthy,’ but I cut back even more on the cheese. Also, my amazing friend makes his own marinara sauce, so I used that instead of store-bought.

Some people put their chicken over whole wheat pasta or even rice, we’ve opted to just eat ours plain with side salads and green beans. There aren’t many ingredients (which is something I look for), it’s fairly healthy, something different, and full of flavor. Definitely one¬†you should check out!

But wait, there’s more!!

Date night this past weekend consisted of eating our weight in chips and salsa, so for dinner the next night I decided to make grilled chicken salad but fancy it up with some extra toppings. Oh. Em. Gee.

(Side note: I love salads, but I even surprised myself with this one.)


Cucumbers, celery, snow peas, carrots, avocado, yellow and orange sweet peppers, and topped with chicken. Not pictured a little bit of sharp cheddar and organic ranch dressing. Holy tastebuds. I was salivating over this salad, even while I was eating it! I tossed the chicken in a little bit of salt and pepper before grilling, and simply washed and cut all the vegetables. Super simple.

Even my husband was okay with eating a salad for dinner; so that’s a win.

The next cooking chapter will be dedicated entirely to snacking, practically one of my love languages. Stay tuned, readers!

Cooking with Kelsie

Sounds like I could host my own T.V. show ūüėČ

Growing up, Sundays were ‘family days’ for both of us. Time was spent together, a nice dinner was made and we all ate together. This happened for our family even through adulthood and I didn’t want to lose this. While we are only a family of two (for now), I have decided to start fixing dinners for family and friends or sometimes just us on Sunday night.

Pinterest has been my saving grace when it comes to cooking (or trying to cook). I¬†am starting a new process for pinning recipes. I will pin all the food I find that I am interested in to my ‘Food’ board and the ones that I find, make, and don’t like I will switch those to another hidden board.¬†I’m doing this because I have found myself re-pinning something I have made before that I didn’t necessarily like. This will stop me from duplicating.¬†

Things I have made and loved:

  • Last Sunday I prepared my very first batch of Chili, Betty Crocker’s crockpot to be exact. You can view the recipe¬†here.
  • This Sunday I made a skinny version of the perfect fall meal; Chicken Pot Pies. You can view the recipe¬†here.

As always you can follow my Pinterest page, I post everything between household items, hair, to dinners and clothing.

If you have any favorite recipes you love, send those to me too!