Cooking: Taco Tuesday

Every week Tuesday rolls around and, like clockwork, the second we’re finished with dinner I see someone comment on social media with the hashtag  TacoTuesday, and every week, like clockwork, I roll my eyes at another missed opportunity! Not this week everyone! Mexican food is an absolute staple in our house and I am always looking for new recipes!

Here is a new recipe I can’t wait to eat again. I only deviated a few times from the recipe. I used water instead of chicken broth, I also added both a can of black beans and some frozen corn at the very end of the cooking time just long enough to heat up. Topped with shredded lettuce, jalapeños, avocado, sour cream and cheese… I actually have been looking forward to these leftovers (which if you know me says a lot!).

Will I make these again tomorrow? Don’t judge!



You DON’T Have the Turkey Yet?!

That was a direct (panicked) quote from my mom during our 7AM phone call this morning. My response, ‘You didn’t tell me I needed to!’

Let’s take a few steps back for context. Greg and I have been given the task of hosting Thanksgiving this year for some of our immediate family. New house, new tradition? Probably not. While I am excited and ready to prepare the meal, chat over coffee with family and shamelessly dive into the bowl of mashed potatoes, I need to say I am way out of my comfort zone on this one.

Sure, I have helped with Thanksgiving meals for as long as I can remember. But hosting? That’s a whole new ball game. Honestly, I had no idea I had to purchase the turkey already. Makes total sense, but I hadn’t thought it out. I figured when I went shopping tomorrow for all the other ingredients that would be plenty of time for the bird to thaw. 48 hours, right? Wrong.

With all this being said, before I give my poor mom a heart attack (or send our families to their favorite Chinese restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner), I’m looking for any tips and tricks to help me through this holiday. Also, I’m planning on finalizing our menu today (you can see most of it on this Pinterest board) and would love to hear any ‘must-have’ side dishes that I might have forgotten.

From my family to yours, wishing you a laughter-filled, stomach-stuffing, wonderful Thanksgiving!

Never have I ever…

I figured after a year of posts and lots of intimate thoughts I have shared, I would spice it up a bit and share a list of things I have yet to do so far in life… this should be fun!

  • Broken a bone- knock on wood
  • Gotten sick after a night of drinking, which is crazy because I can be tipsy after a few sips but I’ve never overdone it to the point of being sick
  • Needed the expiration date on a bag of chips, I mean really who doesn’t finish a bag within a few days anyways?
  • Slept the whole day away without being sick
  • Used one of those ‘perfect bun’ clips, even though I can not seem to make the perfect messy bun on my own
  • Spent more than $100 on a piece of clothing (outside of a prom/wedding dress)… now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think I could say I have even been on a full out shopping spree before either
  • Binge watched on television for more than 3 episodes consecutively
  • Changed my own car tire, even though I have been wanting someone to teach me for years!
  • Spontaneously gone on a road trip
  • Contoured my makeup, mostly because I don’t know how
  • Been able to stop myself from stuffing my face at the chips and salsa served at any Mexican restaurant
  • ‘Spring Cleaned’….oops
  • Purchased a piece of clothing from Pinterest that I have pinned
  • Dyed my hair an insane color
  • Checked everything off my bucket list- yes I have one and yes one day I will share what is on it!

What are some of the ‘normal’ things a lot of people have done you haven’t?

Cooking: Reese’s

Sometimes when I am in desperate need of a Reese’s Cup and I don’t have any at home, I make my own. Scoop some peanut butter right of out the container, eat a bit, tilt my head back and drop in chocolate chips. I am so disgusting, I know. It isn’t my fault though, I grew up seeing my dad eat peanut butter by the spoonful. So I guess you could say this is in my blood, right? Yeah, let’s go with that.

In the pursuit of ‘healthier eating,’ however, I have found a new recipe to fulfill my cravings while also not slowly killing me.  And now, may I introduce you to the healthier version of the delicious Hershey snack.


Simply made of dark chocolate chips (I also made a batch with milk chocolate chips for a cheaper route. Verdict? Just as tasty/a little less healthy), natural peanut butter, and coconut milk. That’s right, only 3 ingredients and with a baking time less than 20 minutes (mostly in the freezer) it really doesn’t get much better than this!

As always, you can find this recipe in its entirety on my Pinterest page.

To all my peanut butter loving readers, enjoy! 😉

Cooking: Redemption

After my last breakfast mistake (which you can read about here) I HAD to redeem myself. I kept shying away and trying new dinner recipes but that simply wasn’t enough. I needed to conquer breakfast.

So I dusted off my ego and attempted a healthier version of banana bread. And…while I won’t say I perfected it, I have to admit it might have been the best banana bread I’ve ever eaten.  Never mind the fact that I paired it with the smallest (and cutest) green grape I’ve ever seen. Seriously, this could be should be in a baking magazine, am I right?!



Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. You can find the recipe here. While you’re at it check out my new Pinterest page! I’ve realized I pin WAY too many sweets for just a ‘food’ board so I started a new one: Sweet Sweets. I’m also DYING to update my look so I’ve gone pin crazy on my style board.

If you try it and love it, let me know! If you try it and hate it, don’t throw it out, I’ll take it. 😉

Cooking: Chapter 2

After hours and hours of perusing all things Pinterest, I have decided to broaden my food recipe library. While still trying to be mindful of health I have decided to stop searching for only ‘healthy’ meals and looking for regular dinner meals (and then doctoring them up to be healthier.)

Mind. Blown.

While I wouldn’t describe myself as an Italian food lover, my heart does beat a little quicker for a good chicken parmesan. I added it to my ‘FOOOD’ Pinterest board (found HERE).

The recipe itself is considered ‘healthy,’ but I cut back even more on the cheese. Also, my amazing friend makes his own marinara sauce, so I used that instead of store-bought.

Some people put their chicken over whole wheat pasta or even rice, we’ve opted to just eat ours plain with side salads and green beans. There aren’t many ingredients (which is something I look for), it’s fairly healthy, something different, and full of flavor. Definitely one you should check out!

But wait, there’s more!!

Date night this past weekend consisted of eating our weight in chips and salsa, so for dinner the next night I decided to make grilled chicken salad but fancy it up with some extra toppings. Oh. Em. Gee.

(Side note: I love salads, but I even surprised myself with this one.)


Cucumbers, celery, snow peas, carrots, avocado, yellow and orange sweet peppers, and topped with chicken. Not pictured a little bit of sharp cheddar and organic ranch dressing. Holy tastebuds. I was salivating over this salad, even while I was eating it! I tossed the chicken in a little bit of salt and pepper before grilling, and simply washed and cut all the vegetables. Super simple.

Even my husband was okay with eating a salad for dinner; so that’s a win.

The next cooking chapter will be dedicated entirely to snacking, practically one of my love languages. Stay tuned, readers!

Cooking with Kelsie

Sounds like I could host my own T.V. show 😉

Growing up, Sundays were ‘family days’ for both of us. Time was spent together, a nice dinner was made and we all ate together. This happened for our family even through adulthood and I didn’t want to lose this. While we are only a family of two (for now), I have decided to start fixing dinners for family and friends or sometimes just us on Sunday night.

Pinterest has been my saving grace when it comes to cooking (or trying to cook). I am starting a new process for pinning recipes. I will pin all the food I find that I am interested in to my ‘Food’ board and the ones that I find, make, and don’t like I will switch those to another hidden board. I’m doing this because I have found myself re-pinning something I have made before that I didn’t necessarily like. This will stop me from duplicating. 

Things I have made and loved:

  • Last Sunday I prepared my very first batch of Chili, Betty Crocker’s crockpot to be exact. You can view the recipe here.
  • This Sunday I made a skinny version of the perfect fall meal; Chicken Pot Pies. You can view the recipe here.

As always you can follow my Pinterest page, I post everything between household items, hair, to dinners and clothing.

If you have any favorite recipes you love, send those to me too!